Doosan Bobcat announces new Global Collaboration Centre

Doosan Bobcat

Doosan Bobcat has announced the opening of a new Global Collaboration Centre in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The centre will house some elements of the company’s global functions and provide a central meeting location to allow Doosan Bobcat teams to work closely to accelerate innovation and collaboration.

This news follows Doosan Bobcat’s recent announcement of a global organizational structure and the appointment of global function leaders.

“The Global Collaboration Centre will further advance the pioneering spirit of Doosan Bobcat by paving the way to new levels of innovation and success,” said Doosan Bobcat CEO Scott Park. “Our future is exciting, and the collaborative nature of the center will move us farther and faster.”

The Global Collaboration Center is in downtown Minneapolis at 150 South Fifth Street, in the 150 Tower building of Fifth Street Towers.

The 985 square metre office space provides a collaborative, innovative environment and features open work areas with modern finishes and a variety of workspaces.

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In addition, the centre has six meeting and conference rooms with AV packages, along with a team room, huddle areas, community space and a hospitality area for guests.

Doosan Bobcat selected the downtown Minneapolis location due to its convenience and ease of accessibility for global employees and visitors via the nearby Minneapolis – St. Paul International Airport, which offers flights to major American and international cities. In addition, the centre is within a short drive or quick flight from Doosan Bobcat’s North America headquarters in West Fargo and other facilities in North Dakota.

CEO Scott Park is enthusiastic about the location, as he believes it will provide a greater connection to new skill sets and talent to complement the company’s current teams.

“Minneapolis has long been recognized as a hotbed of technology and engineering talent,” Park said. “We’re excited for Doosan Bobcat to become a part of this vibrant community and contribute to its innovative spirt with our growing team of professionals.”

The Doosan Bobcat network

As a global company serving a global market, Doosan Bobcat offers manufacturing, parts distribution, research and development, engineering and sales facilities all around the world, including the Czech Republic, France, Belgium, China, Singapore, Australia, India and throughout the United States.

Doosan Bobcat North American operations are based in North Dakota, with administrative, sales and marketing offices in West Fargo, and production and engineering facilities in Gwinner, Bismarck and Wahpeton, North Dakota, as well as Litchfield, Minnesota. In addition, the company’s Acceleration Centre – a facility focused on engineering, research and development, training and product testing – is in Bismarck, North Dakota.

The business has also announced intentions to open a digital business innovation centre in downtown Fargo, North Dakota the fall of 2019.