CRA and ARA end 50-year partnership


The Canadian Rental Association (CRA) and the American Rental Association (ARA) have announced they will split into two independent organizations.

For about 50 years the CRA has been considered Region 10 of the ARA.

According to a letter from Dan Spencer, president of the Canadian association, when the two groups first merged, the CRA was not in a position to “properly serve its members,” and forming a partnership granted Canadians access to ARA products and services.

As well, the partnership meant the majority of members’ dues were transferred to the ARA to pool resources to serve members throughout North America.

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“Over that period, ARA found it challenging to produce programs that met the needs of both countries and in both of Canada’s official languages,” Spencer said.

“When we began investigating the ARA products and services that Canadian members were utilizing, we found that less than 10 per cent of Canadian members were taking advantage of any ARA products and services, other than the ARA Show which was attended by approximately 30 per cent of members.”

Throughout 2019, officials from both organizations evaluated the agreement, and agreed dissolving the partnership is in the best interest of both the CRA and ARA.

The change is expected to go into effect this spring. At that time, the CRA will begin directly invoicing its members in Canadian funds. As well, members will have the opportunity to hold separate memberships with both organizations.

“Nothing will change for the ARA Show 2020 in Orlando. All programs and the registration process will remain the same as it has been,” Spencer said.

CRA to create Canadian focused benefits

By operating as an independent association, The CRA will be able to invoice its member in Canadian dollars and keep all funds in Canada.

By keeping funds in Canada, Spencer said the organization will be able to offer Canadian focused benefits and programs. Furthermore, the CRA will maintain a relationship with the ARA, via the Global Rental Alliance.

“In order to advance the association, CRA needs to advocate on behalf of our members, improve our communications and provide better, more relevant Canadian content, products and services for our own members. We agreed that we should no longer wait for ARA to do it for us,” Spencer said.