COVID Alert app endorsed by construction and design sectors


Members of the Construction and Design Alliance of Ontario (CDAO) and the Construction Employers Coalition (CEC) have endorsed the use of the COVID Alert app developed by Health Canada.

The two groups are encouraging all workers and Ontario residents to download the new COVID Alert app.

The broader construction sector took an early leadership role in March when the pandemic hit Ontario and has carried that momentum into the summer.

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According to the CDAO and CEC, construction has led the way with respect to safety policies, practices, and an overall investment in workers during the pandemic.

The industry’s actions have paid off, and construction has kept workers safe and at the forefront of Canada’s economic recovery.

“Health and safety is about eliminating hazards. Where a hazard cannot be eliminated, a mitigation plan must be put into place,” said David Frame, chair of the CEC and director of government relations at the Ontario General Contractors Association. “Tracing apps expand our ability to manage COVID-19, but will only work if and when a significant portion of the population participate at home, work and play.”

According to public health officials, the effectiveness of tracing apps significantly improves when more than 55 per cent of the population uses the tech on a daily basis.

The COVID Alert app is the best tracing option as it:

  1. Can be used at work, home or anywhere in between to ensure maximum coverage and protection.
  2. Is easy to access, available across Canada, and in all sectors of the economy.
  3. Protects privacy through best data management practices.

“The construction and design industries realized early on that the health and safety of workers is the foundation of any economic recovery,” said Sandro Perruzza, chair of the CDAO. “Focusing on the 3Ts (testing, tracking, tracing) will allow Canada to stop reacting and start managing COVID-19.”

While case numbers have been consistently improving in Ontario, other jurisdictions highlight how short-term success can be easily derailed when mitigation efforts are forgotten.

“Construction led the charge ensuring workers and worksites are safe,” said Richard Lyall, chair of the CDAO economic recovery committee. “In order to keep this momentum, we need to guard against complacency and prepare for a potential second wave. Effective tracing in which greater than 55 per cent of the public participate will support health and safety and the Ontario economy.”

As technology evolves, the CDAO and CEC also stress that all other apps or devices, including wearables, must integrate with the COVID Alert notification app.

The groups add that effective contact tracing will only exist when a sufficient percentage of the population is using a common platform.