Cooper Equipment receives Canada’s first Bobcat E10e electric excavators

On December 13th, construction equipment rental company Cooper Equipment received the first Bobcat E10e electric excavators in Canada.

The E10e excavators, originally introduced at bauma in 2019, were delivered to Cooper by Oaken Equipment, Canada’s largest Bobcat equipment dealer.

The model is powered by two lithium-ion batteries, providing a total capacity of 11.5 kWh. An on-board charger, capable of receiving common electrical connections of 110 volts or 220 volts, supports overnight charging between 10 and 12 hours.  

An off-board, fast-charge system is also available, which can cut the recharge time to just two hours.

The compact footprint, quiet operation and zero emissions make it ideal for indoor applications.

When compared to its diesel-powered counterparts, the E10e cuts back immensely on maintenance required.

“There are no oil changes on these things. You’re not changing air filters on them, you’re not going through a lot of the typical maintenance intervals,” said Kai Sørensen, president of Oaken Equipment, Bobcat Toronto. “It’s not that dissimilar to a general electric vehicle in the sense that it doesn’t require the same level of maintenance because the all-electric engine is pretty self-contained.”

Cooper Equipment receives Canada’s first Bobcat E10e electric excavators

For Sørensen, this delivery symbolizes the innovative nature of the Bobcat Company and the receptive nature of the customers.

“We have a great customer base, who continues to embrace new technology, and are early adopters of new technology. I think that’s why Bobcat Company turns to us to say, ‘Hey, do you want to bring us to market within Canada,’” said Sørensen. “It’s significant because Bobcat continues to lead the way in terms of innovation within the compact construction space. We’re very proud to be Bobcat dealers—to help bring the newest products to market that are going to deliver solutions to our customers that they hadn’t had before.”