BOMAG celebrates its 60th anniversary

BOMAG, the specialist in road construction and asphalt and soil compaction, is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.
The company’s focus on innovation, quality, user-friendly products and the highest level of service has transformed a small business into a successful global manufacturer of construction machinery. BOMAG – founded in the town center of Boppard/Rhine in Germany in October 1957 – now employs approximately 2,200 employees and generates annual revenue of about € 700 million. The company has production plants in Germany, Italy, Brazil, the United States and China.

“We are proud of what BOMAG has achieved up to now and the many innovations which have been accepted by customers all over the world, which have made BOMAG the global market leader in our core business of asphalt and soil compaction”, says Jörg Unger, President of the FAYAT Road Equipment Division. “Above all, this has been made possible by the commitment of our highly qualified employees, who give us their best every day and are never simply satisfied with what has already been achieved.”

Bomag’s customer focus

One of the most important pillars of this 60-year success story is customer orientation and placing the customer first. Since its founding, BOMAG has placed great importance on developing close partnerships on an equal footing. “No matter where we are in the world, BOMAG always maintains its focus on the customers’ needs. This close market proximity together with the highest level of local service for the machines is one of our greatest strengths, and this will not change in the future”, said Unger.

The results of these developmental partnerships with customers are products that meet not only market requirements but also especially those of the user. Machines with a long service life and low servicing requirements and control systems that are easy to operate make construction and compaction work more productive. The high compaction power plus BOMAG’s world leading measurement technology save contractors significant fuel costs and time.

Continuous product innovation

To lead the way in road construction and soil compaction in the coming decades, BOMAG continues to invest strongly in research, development, education and training and launches an average of 15 new products onto the market each year.

Premiered in 2017, the new BOMAG BW 28 RH pneumatic tired roller features a cab design modeled on the head of a hammerhead shark, providing the driver, for the first time, with a clear view of the top of the wheels and allowing for more precise work on asphalt edges and joints. Weight options for the new
BW 28 RH are also new. The roller is available with a range of precise operating weights from 18,960 to 61,730 lb (8.6 to 28 t). In addition, a newly developed brake pedal, which spans the entire width of the driver’s stand, offers more comfort and safety and can be safely and directly accessed at all times.

The new BOMAG RS 500 Recycler/Stabilizer advances operating safety and improves material gradation in road recycling applications. Its exclusive offsetting rotor design allows the rotor housing to be shifted to either side of the RS 500, reaching beyond the wheel’s edge, so the machine can safely stabilize soil on slopes and recycle asphalt up to the road’s edge without requiring the wheels to drive in marginal ground conditions. The machine’s exclusive FLEXMIX technology features an adjustable door just above the rear discharge door that moves at the operator’s command to provide flexible mixing of material inside the rotor chamber, giving the operator precise control over material gradation.

In September of this year, BOMAG’s popular “Innovation Days” customer event will be held at the new Customer and Training Center in Germany. The growing headquarters in Boppard have been expanded to include a modern demo site with an outdoor area for machine demonstrations and presentations. This is connected to a training center with training rooms and workshops.

BOMAG 1957-2017

  • 1957: Foundation of Bopparder Maschinenbaugesellschaft MbH in Boppard am Rhein
    Launch of the world’s first double vibratory roller featuring all drum drive – the BW 60
  • 1961:First overseas branch in Austria
  • 1962:First self-propelled double vibratory roller: model BW 200
  • 1968:First international subsidiaries – BOMAG Nippon and Canada
  • 1969:Moved to current headquarters in the Hellerwald industrial park
  • 1973:First research and development center
  • 1983:Development of the first compaction control system – the Terrameter BTM 01
  • 1986:First contract in China
  • 1998:Sales of DM 500 million exceeded for the first time
  • 2001:Introduction of the Asphalt manager – the first control system with automatic compaction control
  • 2003:New powder coating and paint shop with first driverless transport system
  • 2005:Acquisition by Fayat
  • 2006:Assumes responsibility for the paver and milling machine business
  • 2008: Selected as one of the “Top 100” most innovative German medium-sized companies
  • 2014: “Top Job” award as one of the best employers amongst German medium-sized companies
  • 2017: New customer and training center in Boppard