Ammann celebrates its 150th anniversary

The Macadam machine, patented by Ammann in 1908, produced and placed an early form of asphalt.

Ammann is marking its 150th anniversary by doubling its efforts in technology and sustainability – two driving forces behind its first 150 years of success.

Ammann is a sixth generation, family-owned business that produces asphalt and concrete mixing plants, compactors and asphalt pavers at nine production sites in Europe, China, India and Brazil. Its core market is roadbuilding and transportation infrastructure.

In 2019, the company will celebrate its 150th anniversary. What started as a mill construction workshop in Madiswil, Switzerland, is now a multinational company with more than 3,000 employees and more than 160 dealers in 100 countries.

“Like the rest of the world, Ammann has seen a great many changes in the last 150 years,” said CEO Hans-Christian Schneider, a direct descendant of Jakob Ammann, who founded the company in 1869. “What hasn’t changed is our commitment to providing customers with products that offer solutions.”

Such solutions traditionally involve the use of technology. Often, Ammann’s technological advancements have evolved over years or even decades.

“All our products – from the lightest compactors to the largest asphalt and concrete mixing plants, rely on technology to help customers overcome the challenges they face on jobsites around the world,” Schneider said.

“Innovation at Ammann didn’t begin a few years ago. It has been a part of Ammann since its foundation.”

He pointed to a Macadam machine as an example. Patented by Ammann in 1908, it produced and placed an early form of asphalt.

“As we look back, we can see that this Macadam machine utilized what was revolutionary technology at the time,” Schneider said. “As we look ahead, we know that the focus on furthering technology must continue.”

The Macadam machine, which eliminated a significant dust problem, was also an early nod toward sustainability.

“The machine improved the environment around it,” Schneider said. “It was one of the first sustainability efforts in roadbuilding. Sustainability, like solution-oriented technology, is a common theme throughout the history of Ammann.”

Ammann products today are developed with sustainability as a top priority, according to the company. Compaction equipment is built to reach distances in tremote regions, thereby minimizing fuel burn and machine wear.

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Pavers feature automation that optimizes material usage. Ammann asphalt and concrete mixing plants utilize technology that enables production from 100 per cent recycled materials.

“For a long time the company has been investing in the success of our customers and sustainable corporate growth, and our success is proof that such an approach works,” Schneider said. “Now, in our 150th year, we are very well positioned worldwide as we continue to rely on innovative products, customer focus and highly qualified employees.”