Yanmar debuts new tight tail-swing excavator

Yanmar excavator

Yanmar America’s compact equipment division has launched the new SV40 excavator. 

As well, the ultra-tight tail swing excavator is the first of the company’s compact equipment line to be offered in the new Yanmar red colour. 

The SV40 ultra-tight tail swing excavator is a 4-ton machine with a 39 hp, electronically controlled Yanmar Tier 4 Final diesel engine. 

Available in cab and canopy models, the SV40 is built to work effectively in extremely tight spaces where larger excavators simply cannot reach. The SV40 was designed specifically for the needs of the Canadian and United States markets. 

“Redefining the definition of compact power, our new SV40 is pushing the limits on an excavator of its size. With best in class power, digging force and lifting capacity, this machine will be a game changer within the compact excavator segment,” said Jeff Pate, division manager for Yanmar America’s compact equipment division.

The SV40 comes standard with Yanmar’s patented quick coupler to simplify changing attachments. With the exception of fitting and removing the safety lock pin, the entire operation is performed electronically from the cab of the excavator. 

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The SmartAssist remote communication system is also standard. Using a GPS and a communication terminal, SmartAssist collects extensive data on operating conditions in real-time. The data is then used to protect equipment and optimize the operational conditions, while avoiding costly breakdowns. 

The SV40 comes standard with eco mode, auto-decel mode and backfill blade lever-control with float position, as well as two-speed operation incorporated right into the operator’s station. The cab is also equipped with a LCD monitor, showing key operating information and maintenance notification intervals. 

Options for the SV40 include a second PTO function, four or six-way blade and an additional counterweight. 

 The addition of the SV40 broadens Yanmar’s current excavator product lineup to nine machines, with two other ultra-tight tail swing machines and another six excavators with true zero tail swing. 

The ultra-tight tail swing excavator is the first of the company’s compact equipment line to be offered in the new red colour. 

All other Yanmar excavators, the V4 wheel loader and the company’s tracked carriers are also now available in the new colour scheme. 

“This is truly an exciting change for our compact equipment division”, said Jeff Albright, president of Yanmar America. “This new look strengthens the sense of unity of our brand and visually reminds our customers that we are committed to remaining true to our core values to provide exceptional customer experience.”