Tigercat updates its 220E loader


Tigercat has updated its 220E loader with several improvements, including an upgraded operator’s station and the addition of the Tigercat FPT power plant.

Conforming to Tier 2 and Tier 4 emission requirements, the quick and light-weight 220E is now powered by the Tigercat FPT N45 Tier 4 Final or the Tigercat FPT N67 Tier 2 engine, delivering 168 hp.

The totally redesigned operator’s station has an improved climate control system along with a number of additional features to improve the operator experience.

For example, the new heavy-duty suspension seat is wider and comes equipped with heating and cooling as a standard feature.

 The seat has improved adjustability and many of the frequently used rocker switches have been repositioned into the armrest-mounted joystick pod for enhanced ergonomics. 

The climate control system is further enhanced by the addition of window blinds for the front windshield and skylight. 

Acoustical engineering along with the quiet Tigercat FPT engine contributes to extremely low in-cab noise levels, while the new sound system, equipped with Bluetooth audio, allows for hands-free calling.

The cab also features an electronic control system with colour LCD display for machine monitoring and function adjustment, as well as the LogOn telematics system.

The 220E loader includes a new main pump and larger hoses to the boom cylinders to provide faster boom and swing functions. Hydraulic component layout remains unchanged with hydraulic valves easily accessible underneath the deck plate cover, allowing for clean, easy service access. 

The updated electrical system incorporates hydraulic pressure sensors that can be monitored on the display in the cab, as well as improving fuel economy with an automatic engine idle down feature. An optional LED lighting package is also available. 

The 220E loader is designed for contractors requiring a truck-mounted loader for short wood and smaller tree-length pulpwood or biomass loading applications.

The loader delivers a maximum reach of 8.4 metres, and a lift capacity of 10,890 kg at 3.2 metres or 4,265 kg at 7.6 metres.