Palfinger launches new mechanics truck and service crane

Palfinger truck parked at a trade show

In an effort to set new industry benchmarks, Palfinger has introduced the PAL Pro 58 mechanics truck and PSC 8600 TEC service crane.

Both of the new machines were unveiled at Work Truck Week in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“We are excited to launch these new solutions in North America. Our focus is on customer satisfaction and creating products tailored to address the unique demands of the region, ensuring our customers can achieve their goals with greater ease and efficiency,” said Ismael Daneluz, Palfinger’s Vice President of Sales snd Service for North and Latin America.

“These new products clearly demonstrate Palfinger’s leadership and commitment to innovation and to creating solutions that move the industry forward.”

Optimized for Class 5 chassis applications, the PAL Pro 58 and PSC 8600 TEC Service Crane are engineered to deliver extended reach, weight reduction and superior performance.

The PAL Pro 58 represents a leap forward in mechanics truck design. Manufactured with 12-gauge all A-60 galvanneal steel and a hybrid torsion box, the PAL Pro 58 effectively eliminates frame and side pack deflection. It also features a comprehensive 12-step e-coat process offering advanced corrosion protection.

Available in 3.35 metre body configurations, the PAL Pro 58 is designed to cater to a wide range of service truck needs. It includes bolt-on mounting locations for essential accessories such as compressors and welders, headache racks and toolboxes. As well, it boasts improved lighting packages to support remote work and nighttime operations.

New safety features

With a 3,900 kg lift capacity and a 58,000 foot-pound moment rating, both the PAL Pro 58 and the PSC 8600 TEC Service Crane deliver advanced safety features. The PSC 8600 TEC Service Crane’s innovative design relocates the winch to a boom-mounted position, streamlining operation and addressing cable concerns, while the integrated overload protection system ensures operational reliability.

The inclusion of Load Moment Indication (LMI) as a standard feature in the new Palfinger service crane provides operators with real-time load-on-hook information, enhancing safety and efficiency.

The Palfinger PSC 8600 TEC Service Crane is available in 6.7 metres and 9.5 metres of reach. As well, two interchangeable proportional remote control styles are available to fit the operator’s preference.

Customer-centric design

Palfinger’s latest products are developed through direct engagement with end-users, ensuring that every feature addresses real-world requirements.

Brian Heffron, Palfinger’s North America Vice President for Sales and Service, Service Cranes and Crane Bodies, emphasized the collaborative efforts in the design process of the new PAL Pro 58 and PSC 8600 TEC Service Crane:

“We recognize the unique challenges faced by field mechanics and operators,” Heffron said. “Their inputs are invaluable in ensuring that these products can surpass their needs for productivity and efficiency, especially under tough conditions. They’re designed to excel in job sites where only the most reliable equipment can succeed.”