Kanga Loaders are coming to North America

Kanga Loaders

The Australia-based Kanga Loaders is making a return to North America.

In February, Kanga introduced its range of compact utility loaders to North America at the ARA’s Rental Show in Orlando, Florida.

Originally designed in Australia as a motorized wheelbarrow in 1978, the concept developed into an earthmoving machine, and Kanga began manufacturing the first stand-on loaders in 1981.

Attachment manufacturer Digga acquired Kanga in 2010, and the loader company began to expand outside of its native Australia.

“From there, we’ve grown into an international business with sales in Europe, Asia, and North and South America,” said Martin O’Grady, business development officer for Kanga USA.

About 15 years ago, Kanga attempted to expand its presence into the United States. However, the company’s arrangements didn’t come to fruition.

“We aligned ourselves with someone, but that fell through,” O’Grady said.

From there, the manufacturer continued direct sales into the US. Although hundreds of Kanga machines have been exported into North America throughout the last three decades, Kanga Loaders has now setup a facility in Iowa to support its expansion into the North American market.

Kanga Loaders’ focus lies solely in the compact utility loader market. According to the company, their dedicated focus on compact loaders has developed a machine that provides superior return on investment due to its reliability, durability and low-maintenance costs. Their product lineup includes nine machines, which includes wheeled and tracked loaders that are powered by diesel or gasoline engines.

Remote-controlled loader

As well, Kanga has developed a remote-controlled loader geared towards the mining sector.

“The radio-controlled machine is designed for going into places where its hazardous for humans to go into,” O’Grady said, noting municipalities are also using the machine to clean culverts.  “If you’re good at PlayStation or Xbox, you’re good at the radio-controlled loader.”

Kanga loaders are also made entirely of steel and features no plastic components ensuring its longevity.

Rental ready

The Kanga utility loader is ideally suited to the rental market with safer operation, handling and operator protection at the core of its design.

The soft touch control system ensures the operator is holding onto the machine at all times, maneuvering or operating attachments.

Furthermore, the track-over-wheel system offers a gentle ride over rough terrain and won’t throw the operator around like a dedicated track system.

As well, the operator is encapsulated by the machines body, offering protection from crush injuries and vegetation. Coupled with an auxiliary cut-out system, which stops the operation of the attachment the moment the operator leaves the platform, ensures they cannot get entangled in any moving parts. 

Kanga loaders also feature ample ground clearance and a self-levelling bucket, which makes the operation of a Kanga easy – even for the most inexperienced operator. 

All Kanga Loaders units are compatible with more than 60 attachments.