John Deere G-Series Wheeled Harvesters

John Deere G Harvesters 1270G

John Deere made headlines with the introduction of the G-Series harvesters to the European market in 2015, and the new series models are now available to loggers in North America. Perfect for final felling and late thinning, the John Deere 1270G and 1470G Harvesters combine high productivity with excellent fuel economy.

“Designed based on customer feedback, the updated G-Series harvesters build upon the popular features of previous models to create a powerful and efficient machine, ideal for all types of terrains. The new machines boast increased power, torque and tractive force, as well as upgrades to the controls, improving efficiency,” said Keith Berger, wheeled cut-to-length forestry instructor. “When utilizing the ForestSight™ suite of offerings and partnering with a John Deere dealer for support, the G-Series machines help customers optimize their job site with a productive and reliable logging solution.”

As a key feature of the G-Series, Standard Processing Power Control (PPC) optimizes fuel efficiency by matching the appropriate processing level to the work conditions and size of the tree. Simply select Energy Saving, Normal or Boost Mode, and PPC does the rest of the work. The PPC system anticipates the engine load and responds with the right power increase, thus improving the fuel economy. Additionally, an advanced twin-pump hydraulic system ensures ample power for smooth, simultaneous operation and maximum control of the boom and harvester head. This feature ensures sufficient grip on the trunk of the tree and increases productivity without taxing the operator.

The G-Series machines feature the new TimberMatic H-16 control system, providing increased processing capacity. The new user-friendly system, control modules and wiring harnesses enhance machine performance and precision. The TimberMatic H-16 control system is a comprehensive package for basic machine control, measuring and bucking, allowing the operator to work faster and easier.

Another key feature of the G-Series machines is the redesigned cab, which offers operators a comfortable and ergonomic work environment. Available with either a rotating and leveling option or fixed cab option, both feature large windows for excellent visibility in every direction. Ergonomically designed seats, along with air conditioning and heating, increase cab comfort and reduce operator fatigue, enabling operators to be more productive for longer.

“At John Deere, our goal is to offer products and solutions that give our customers the best possible performance and productivity,” said Sakari Suuriniemi, product marketing manager for John Deere. “The G-Series wheeled harvesters have proven successful among loggers in Europe and will be a great addition to John Deere’s wide portfolio of equipment to meet the business needs of our customers in North America as well.”

1270G Harvester

Available with six or eight wheels, the 1270G Harvester offers the power of its predecessor, while improving fuel economy. Both the six-wheel and eight-wheel models are equipped with a powerful John Deere 9.0L Tier 3 engine. The six-wheel model features an increase in power, now boasting 190 kilowatts (255 horsepower), and an 11 percent increase in torque compared to previous models. The eight-wheel 1270G Harvesters are designed for steep slopes and soft terrain. Equipped with eight-wheel drive, it offers excellent traction and stability, allowing operators to use the machine in terrains where mechanized logging has never been an option.

The 1270G machines are available with the robust CH7 boom. Additionally, operators can choose from multiple harvester heads, including the H754, H413, H414, H270 Series II, H480C and H415, all of which are known for their productivity and measuring accuracy.

1470G Harvester

The 1470G Harvester, John Deere’s largest harvester model, includes the same features and benefits of the smaller 1270G. One notable design feature is the high ground clearance, making the robust 1470G Harvesters ideal for difficult terrain conditions. Like the 1270G model, the 1470G is equipped with a powerful John Deere 9.0L Tier 3 engine.

A key feature is the powerful CH9 boom. When combined with the H415 Harvester Head, the 1470G Harvesters are transformed into a strong and productive package. Due to the stability of the 1470G, the boom works efficiently even when fully extended. The CH9 boom’s slewing cylinders are positioned parallel to the harvester’s frame, improving the hosing and cabling. Additionally, forward visibility is excellent and wear and tear is minimized. Serviceability is also improved by the placement of the valve assembly.

The CH9 boom is available in three reach options: 8.6 meters (28.2 feet), 10 meters  (32.8 feet) and 11 meters (36.1 feet), with 225 kilonewtons (166,000 pound-foot) lifting torque. The robust and simple structure of the boom makes it reliable for handling big trees. Additionally, a variety of harvester heads, including the H415, H480C, H270 Series II and H290, are compatible with the machine.

The G-Series harvesters come standard with the JDLink machine monitoring system and remote diagnostics. As a part of the ForestSight™ package, these customer-driven technology solutions bring the machine, job site and John Deere dealer together to help loggers better manage their equipment and operations.