Hitachi introduces its new ZW100-6 wheel loader in North America

Hitachi ZW100-6 wheel loader dumping a bucket of gravel.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Loaders America Inc. expands its ZW-6 wheel loaders in North America with the upgrade of its popular compact model, the ZW100-6.

Developed for use in a wide variety of applications—including landscaping; heavy construction; excavation work; water, sewer and pipeline construction; highway and road construction; and agricultural work—the small, yet powerful ZW100-6 wheel loader features an operating weight of 17,042 lbs (7,730 kg), bucket capacity of 1.4 yd³ (1.1 m³) and a 101- hp (74-kW) Tier 4F engine.

This new ZW-6 model also boasts a spacious cab with 360-degree visibility, ride control and onboard technology that, according to Hitachi, enhances operator comfort and increases productivity with quick and efficient cycle times.

Each ZW-6 wheel loader comes equipped with a diesel aftertreatment system that eliminates the hassle and costs associated with diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems.

Also, onboard technology and an advanced telematics system has been added to help contractors better manage their fleet and operating expenses.

This technology-led approach enables Hitachi to meet the evolving needs of the construction industry while improving its customers’ experience with this new generation of wheel loaders.

Smooth operation

According to Hitachi, the new ZW100-6 is easy to maneuver thanks to the hydrostatic transmission control system. The operator can choose between two work modes according to the task and terrain, and experience a smooth transition between speeds.

Also, the ride control feature on this model minimizes machine pitching in an attempt to offer a smoother ride and reduce bucket material spillage.

Hitachi claims that the oscillating rear axle on the ZW100-6 offers more stability and traction, especially on uneven ground, than loaders with a fixed axle.

For higher efficiency when working in snowy, slippery or muddy conditions, the traction control system on the ZW100-6 can help avoid tire slippage and prevent wear and fuel waste, while lowering running costs.

Powerful performance

This new ZW-6 model is equipped with a Tier 4 Final certified engine that does not require a DPF, which reduces fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

For example, the ZW100-6 demonstrates greater fuel efficiency than the previous model during V-shape loading and load-and-carry operations.

Also, for efficient flexibility, it has a quick power switch that can increase engine output when more power is instantly required, or when driving uphill.

Hitachi ZW100-6 wheel loader lifting a cement riser.

Superior visibility

The 360° panoramic visibility from the cab of the ZW100-6 is a feature implemented to create a comfortable, productive working environment. Also, optional rear-view camera contributes to all-round visibility and safety on the job site.

In addition, the muffler and air intake on this new ZW-6 model have been repositioned, giving the machine a more modern, curved-hood, design.  Also, they are aligned to improve the rear-view visibility from the cab.

Enhanced cab environment

According to Hitachi, the ZW100-6’s cab provides a quiet and comfortable working environment for operators.

Sound insulation has been improved in the cab to significantly reduce noise levels. The low-noise engine also results in a quieter performance, which makes it suitable for working in urban areas.

The cab design includes several storage compartments that provide quick access to important items, such as PPE, phones and paperwork.

Updated design

Heavy-duty axles and a reinforced front frame have been incorporated into the new Hitachi ZW100-6 wheel loader to improve the machine’s durability.

Also, an optional belly guard protects the machine powertrain and driveshaft from potential damage caused by materials on the ground.

The ZW100-6 design includes wide, easy-to-open engine covers that offer quick access to the machine’s critical components. Hitachi claims that this feature will enable operators to conduct daily machine inspections safely, and quickly, from the ground, ensuring routine maintenance can be completed quickly for reliable performance.

Remote monitoring

This new model comes with Global e-Service, which allows equipment owners to monitor their Hitachi ZW100-6 wheel loader remotely via Owner’s Site and ConSite, Hitachi’s full data toolkit with a suite of apps for managing loader performance and productivity.

ConSite tracks performance metrics like idle time, operating time and fuel efficiency along with location services in real-time, and it alerts owners and operators to upcoming maintenance needs. This “Predict and Prevent” tools help fleet managers maximize machine efficiency, minimize downtime and improve overall performance.

After adding the new ZW100-6, the Hitachi ZW-6 wheel loader lineup now includes 15 models.