Hamm introduces a new compact pneumatic-tire roller


Hamm has revamped its compact pneumatic-tire roller, with the release of the new HD 14i TT. 

With a working weight of about 4 tonnes and a working width of 1.27 metres, the roller is suitable for repair work and for compacting small paths and surfaces. It shows its strengths wherever asphalt has to be gently compacted or pressed without vibration. 

Close compaction

Thanks to its dimensions, compaction can also be effortlessly carried out in extremely narrow spaces. Added to this is a large side clearance, meaning the HD 14i TT can compact right to the edge on curbs and small walls. 

The Kubota engine with DOC and DPF, delivers 50 hp and meets EU Stage V and Tier 4 emissions regulations. 

The HD 14i TT includes convenience features, such as the vibration-isolated operator’s platform and a 12 V socket. 

The vandal-proof cover on the dashboard, the electronic battery isolation switch or the pressure water sprinkling system are part of the basic package. 

As well, the pneumatic-tire roller is equipped with numerous options, including a heated driver’s seat, a ROPS cab and the automatic engine stop function for economical and environmentally friendly operation.

Straightforward operation

As part of the HD CompactLine, the HD 14i TT pneumatic-tire roller is easy and safe to operate from the offset without the need for any period of familiarization. 

Simple access, minimal controls and unique, language-neutral, logically arranged symbols prevent operating errors.

The HD CompactLine from Hamm is the world’s largest roller series in the compact segment. In Germany alone, there are 24 compact tandem rollers available, including the HD 14i TT pneumatic-tire roller. The series is rounded off by country and market specific machines. 

All models in the series are extremely compact and ideal for use on small and cramped construction sites. The rollers’ most important features include perfect visibility thanks to a tapered front, a low machine height and great transport and driving characteristics. 

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The three-point articulation in particular allows for unique driving stability and great directional stability. 

The roller’s drum width on these articulated rollers ranges from 80 cm to 1.38 metres. There are also models with oscillation for all markets. The agile compaction machines are user-friendly all-rounders for compacting road surfaces in road construction as well as soils and paths in landscaping.