Genie introduces CSA/ANSI compliant scissor lift for indoor or outdoor use


The latest addition to Genie’s large electric slab scissor lift family is designed to meet global demand for indoor and outdoor, high-height and narrow-access applications.

The new Genie GS-4655 slab scissor lift is part of the updated line of Genie GS global-spec scissor lifts, which adhere to the new CSA B354 and ANSI A92 standards in North America.

The lift comes in a compact, lightweight package that combines increased battery runtime and fully sealed AC electric motors for improved productivity and drive efficiency. 

“The new Genie GS-4655 scissor lift is designed with the capacity, runtime and gradeability needed to access and perform on demanding jobsites,” said Mike Flanagan, Genie product manager at Terex AWP. 

“We engineered this new scissor lift to deliver the height and jobsite performance in a low cost of ownership package that will strengthen any rental fleet.”

Flanagan added that key applications for the new Genie GS-4655 scissor lift model include narrow aisle warehouses, electrical installation and facilities maintenance tasks, as well as demanding tilt-up and heavy-duty construction jobsites.

Designed for use in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, the Genie GS-4655 scissor lift combines a narrow 1.4 metre chassis, industry-leading indoor working height (16.02 metres), a maximum outdoor working height of 10.7 meters and a 350 kg platform capacity to maximize rental utilization and productivity on the jobsite. 

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The Genie GS-4655 scissor lift is also equipped with a 1.2 metre roll out extension deck, providing industry-leading access in the slab scissor category. As well, it offers full-drive height capabilities at the 14 metre maximum platform height. 

Equipped with the Genie Smart Link control system, the Genie GS-4655 scissor lift is well adapted for light-duty construction projects, electrical installation and facility maintenance tasks where proportional control and precise positioning are required.

AC electric Drive System

The Genie GS-4655 scissor lift is equipped with an innovative, high-performance AC electric drive system, replacing traditional hydraulic drive motors and reducing the number of hydraulic service points. Boasting “go anywhere” capabilities, the front-wheel electric drive motors are fully sealed to ensure the Genie scissor lift can handle harsh jobsite conditions. With 25 per cent gradeability and a 14 degree breakover angle, the Genie GS-4655 scissor lift can climb demanding ramps for easy transportability. 

This unit’s AC electric drive technology, combined with regenerative braking, also ensures that industry-leading runtime per charge is possible. 

ANSI and CSA compliant 

To adhere to the wind-rating requirements in the new ANSI and CSA standards in North America, which are based on an ISO standard, the new Genie GS-4655 scissor lift is equipped with dual zone capabilities, rating it for indoor and outdoor use. 

“Driving global design commonality with international standards, such as the EN 280 (European standards), we took advantage of the changing ANSI/CSA standards in North America to harmonize our scissor lift family worldwide,” Flanagan said. “The Genie GS-4655 scissor lift is a brand-new model that can be used on jobsites globally, adhering to load sense requirements and indoor and outdoor use ratings in ANSI, CSA and CE markets.”

The new model will be full height capable indoors, with reduced maximum platform height outdoors — simplifying fleet management and boosting utilization in indoor and outdoor applications. 

To utilize this dual work zone feature, the Genie GS-4655 scissor lift is equipped with indoor and outdoor zone selection buttons, enabling operators to select the appropriate zone to match the working environment. When operating outdoors, maximum platform height will be reduced to adhere to global wind rating requirements. 

Genie Smart Link control 

Like other Genie scissor lift models, the new Genie GS-4655 unit features the Smart Link control system that includes proportional lift and drive functionality that allows for precise controllability and smooth handling characteristics. It also has standard function select timeouts and easy to read operational codes. The Genie GS scissor lift is equipped with a load sense system that continuously monitors the platform load to make sure operators are working within the machine’s rated capacity.

Heavy-duty and rental-ready, the Genie GS-4655 scissor lift is equipped with side-by-side platform railings for deck extension and retraction. 

The platform is engineered with diamond plate platform flooring, which provides a durable, long-life gripping surface. 

With the link stack centered under the platform, the operator is provided with a stable feel and optimal comfort while working at height.

New to this model, side forklift pockets are included in the chassis, simplifying transportability, as well as jobsite or rental yard logistics and storage.