Evoquip Bison 120: start crushing, without breaking the bank

evoquip bison jaw crusher
The Evoquip Bison 120 features a 680mm x 400mm single toggle Jaw Crusher that can be adjusted hydraulically using the remote control.

The Evoquip Bison 120 jaw crusher is designed to create profit with minimal time on site

To assist contractors in entering the recycled aggregate market, Evoquip has developed the Bison 120 jaw crusher.

Martin Conway, international sales manager for Evoquip, explained the Bison 120 jaw crusher was designed as an alternative to purchasing a used crusher for contractors that are looking get into recycling aggregate, or don’t crush enough material to justify purchasing a larger machine.

“We wanted to give these guys the option to have a new machine, so they can enter the market with a product and do what they want to do without having to break the bank. And if it doesn’t work out, it wasn’t going to bankrupt them,” Conway said.

“It’s almost an entry level machine, but I don’t like to call it that because we have a lot of experienced customers that buy these machines.”

He added buying a second-hand crusher is often accompanied by performance issues.

“Often, you’re buying someone else’s problem, especially when you’re down on price range,” Conway said.

Not for everyone

The Bison 120 is ideal for contractors that expect to require a crusher for about 600 hours a year.

“You’ve got to be using it a couple of times per month,” Conway said.

“If you’re not, don’t buy it, it’s not the machine for you. Go rent one or hire a company to crush material for you.”

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Equipped with a 70 hp Isuzu engine, the 12.5-ton jaw crusher uses about 8 litres of fuel per hour, which translates into an operating cost of about $1.21 per ton. Conway explained infrequent use of a larger crusher costs about $2 per ton.

“The customers that buy this want to get into crushing, but they can’t afford to because the cost of crushing is so expensive,” Conway said.

Remote controlled

The machine features a 680mm x 400mm single toggle jaw crusher that can be adjusted hydraulically using the remote control, which comes as standard with the machine.

The jaw is driven hydraulically allowing the customer the ability to reverse the crusher to clear a blockage as well as being able to run in reverse permanently for sticky applications such as asphalt.

The ability to adjust the jaw setting and operate the plant fully from the remote control allows for a fast and simple set up for the customer.

“This is designed to be a one operator machine,” Conway said. “The guy has the excavator, he feeds the crusher and everything is done from the radio remote. You change your jaw size and you change your feed from the remote.”

As well, the Bison 120 is small enough to fit inside a container and does not require permits for transport. The machine weighs 12,000 kg and measures 5.58 metres long by 2.28 metres wide and 2.74 metres tall. As well, hydraulic folding is standard for transportation.

“It’s all about being quick,” Conway said. “It’s getting to the site and making money, going to the next site and making more money.”

Now in Canada

Evoquip introduced the Bison 120 in 2016. Now, the jaw crusher is available in Canada, with Foreman Equipment in British Columbia receiving the first machine in February. In Ontario, Powerscreen took delivery of the Bison 120 in March.