Ditch Witch’s SK1750 takes the guesswork out of track tension

Ditch Witch SK1750 mini stand-on skid steer sits static

The new Ditch Witch SK1750 mini stand-on skid steer is equipped with TriTrax, a patent-pending track system to boost productivity and create a smoother ride. 

The new track system features a tension check window, which allows operators to visually check track tension, which saves time and helps operators feel confident in their routine maintenance checks. The track system also includes redesigned rollers and an upgraded outer frame.

“The reason why it’s the TriTrax system is it has three benefits,” said Brant Kukuk Product Manager at Ditch Witch. “One is it has a better ride for the customer, and we’ve increased the roller life two to three times over its predecessor. And third, it has the tension window that allows you to know if your rubber is tensioned properly.”

Detracking is a common problem with stand-on skid steer track systems leading to downtime. With TriTrax, when the tracks have the correct tension, a silver plate lines up in a vertical slot to provide visual confirmation for the operator. 

“In the past, you had to hook up a gauge or you had to slap it to see how tight it is or kick it like a tire. It’s just not science,” Kukuk said. 

“This is now a scientific measurement that you know exactly if it’s properly tensioned to keep your rubber on.”

The SK1750 is the second largest mini stand-on skid steer in Ditch Witch’s five-machine lineup and replaces the SK1550. 

Weighing 1,946 kg, the machine features a, 827-kg operating capacity, a  2.4- metre maximum hinge pin height and 60.6 litres per minute of hydraulic flow.

As well, adjustable auxiliary flow allows the operator to run each attachment at its most efficient, productive rate, while the 332 square inch operator platform provides a stable, comfortable ride.

The mini stand-on skid steer is powered by a 43.5 hp Tier 4 Final Yanmar engine