Bobcat enters light equipment industry, launches nine new machines

To meet the compaction demands of numerous industries and jobsite requirements, Bobcat has launched nine light compaction machines in North America.

“By adding light compaction machines to our current product offering, customers have a greater array of equipment options to help them accomplish more,” said Mike Ballweber, president, Bobcat Company North America. “We know our customers work hard each and every day, and these machines give them even more versatility to do their best work.”

Each machine within this line possesses different strengths, from maneuverability to power.

“Bobcat’s light compaction equipment was created for jobs in small spaces, requiring efficient compaction with an emphasis on operator comfort,” said Travis Kidder, senior product specialist for Bobcat Company. “Whatever your compaction needs are, look no further; Bobcat’s light compaction range provides the necessary capabilities to meet your needs.”

A solution for every compaction jobsite

The full range of light compaction products includes rammers, forward plates compactors, reversible plates compactors and trench rollers. The light compaction line can be used in a variety of settings and is designed to meet compaction requirements on nearly all jobsites. From maneuverability to power, each of the machines possesses different strengths.


Bobcat’s new rammers—models R60P and R68P—are high-performance machines that are user-friendly and engineered to last. Highly efficient in confined work areas, Bobcat rammers reach places other equipment can’t. Directing all compaction power onto any target surface while maintaining optimal balance, Bobcat rammers are agile, precise and built to last.

Forward plate compactors

The three Bobcat forward plate compactors—models FP10.33, FP15.40, and FP15.50)—are equipped with forward movement capabilities for great compaction results and less operator fatigue. While working with Bobcat’s forward plate compactors, operators will get quality performance with low fuel consumption.

Reversible plate compactors

The reversible plate compactors (models RP22.40, RP30.50 and RP49.20D) are built for compacting granular material such as sand, gravel and asphalt. These machines enable operators to experience quick directional changes with minimal effort in tight spaces.

Trench roller

Lastly, the new Bobcat TR75 trench roller is operated by remote control and delivers high-compaction performance on a variety of soil types. The TR75 trench roller can take on a variety of jobsites with its oscillating articulated joint that allows the trench roller’s drums to maintain contact on uneven ground.

Bobcat expands into light compaction equipment industry with nine machines