Deere improves safety and cycle times with new loader tech

John Deere Smartdetect

John Deere is improving the view of the jobsite for loader operators with several new technologies.

As a response to demand from operators, select models can be equipped with Deere’s new vision and object detection technology. This technology can enhance visibility and help detect obstacles that present jobsite risks. 

“At John Deere, we continue to provide customers with groundbreaking, smart technologies aimed to improve user experience in the present and yield proven results in the future,” said Andrew Kahler, Senior Group Product Manager of Precision Construction for John Deere Construction & Forestry. 

“Our portfolio of precision construction technologies is strategically curated to help our customers manage their fleets, improve job site performance and enhance operator skill sets, helping to equip the next generations of construction professionals.”

Object Detection, paired with a high-resolution camera and a dedicated display, helps enhance the operator’s situational awareness. As well, the industry-first vehicle trajectory logic technology overlays the projected vehicle reverse path to illustrate where the loader will move next. 

Advanced Vision System

Building upon object detection enhancements, the industry-first Advanced Vision System integrates two digital cameras on the sideview mirror frames, helping to increase visibility to the sides of the machine. Within the in-cab display, operators can increase their spatial awareness with wider views and enhanced clarity thanks to an integrated view of all cameras.  

SmartDetect from John Deere

John Deere’s SmartDetect system combines cameras and machine learning to help give operators a better view of their surrounds. The system alerts operators when an object enters the machine’s projected travel path and provides unique detection alerts for people within the camera’s field of view. With SmartDetect Assist, the machine will automatically stop before coming in contact with a person. 


SmartWeigh is now available on Deere’s full lineup of P and X-Tier utility wheel loaders and will soon be available on the production-size P-Tier loaders.

Aimed to improve cycle times when loading trucks or processing plants, the payload weighing system delivers increased accuracy, dynamic weighing capabilities and ease of calibration. The Deere designed-and-supported solution helps operators confidently hit loading targets and minimize material loss. 

Available fully equipped on loaders from the factory or as a 250-hour trial period, customers that do not typically utilize payload weighing systems can experience the benefits first-hand. 

As part of the SmartWeigh system, bucket weighing technology eliminates frequent raising and lowering of the boom. The bucket capture height can be set anywhere between 15 to 90 per cent of boom height and can be captured at any boom speed. 

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Another key feature is that unlike other payload weighing systems, SmartWeigh does not require calibration with a known weight. This enables customers to easily calibrate the system without the need for outside assistance. Furthermore, payload weighing data is integrated into JDLink, allowing access to data anywhere and not just within the cab.

Auto Level technology is another new feature for the P-Tier and X-Tier wheel loaders. 

Auto Level

Auto Level technology is designed to eliminate frequent bucket and fork adjustments. Operators moving or handling material do not have to worry about the load tipping too far backwards or forwards as the boom is raised up and down. 

This feature offers near perfect parallelism throughout the entire raise and lower cycle.