Crosby’s new ChainSafe relays chain tension measurements via Bluetooth

Product shot of ChainSafe attached to chain.

The Crosby Group has announced the launch of the Crosby Straightpoint ChainSafe.

This load-securing accessory measures the load on lashing, load securement, tie-downs and chain sling legs, sending real-time updates via Bluetooth.

The company’s focus was on the transportation and construction industries when designing this product—focussing on securing loads and cargo.

The ChainSafe connects to Crosby’s Straightpoint—a free Android or iOS App—which has real-time overload alerts and reporting for later analysis. Also, it features a range of 100m (328ft).

In terms of function, the ChainSafe measures the tension on chains, delivering these measurements via Bluetooth. This, Crosby Group claims, can lead to the avoidance of costly breakages and maintenance, ultimately, protecting your cargo.

The company recommends combining the ChainSafe with its Speedbinder or Lebus Loadbinder to accurately monitor the tension on tie-downs.

ChainSafe features a comprehensive range of optional chain fittings from The Crosby Group. For example, hooks, lashing and chain shorteners from Gunnebo Industries and Crosby. This device can adapt to many different load-securing needs. 

Also, the design features a completely sealed stainless steel enclosure, providing IP67 or NEMA6 environmental protection.

Additionaly, the ChainSafe features an internal antenna and a battery life of five years—based on four hours of use per day.

“We are in a unique position to deliver productivity and safety advantages to the point of use, given the lifting and lashing applications that already utilize Crosby and Gunnebo Industries-branded products, in addition to other products and technologies in the portfolio,” said Thomas Dietvorst, Director of the Technology Solutions division. “Transportation professionals, and those responsible for small to medium crane lifts, have already noted the benefits of adding ChainSafe to their lifting and lashing applications and how precious cargo is protected.”