Sarens helps complete storm trap installation in Burlington, Ontario

Sarens helps complete storm trap installation in Burlington, Ontario

Sarens recently deployed a Liebherr LTM 1070 mobile crane to assist Valentine Underground Services complete a storm trap installation in Burlington, Ontario. 

The Sarens team was able to place about 30 pieces weighing 3,200 kg each, managing to install the tank modules within three days.

Storm traps are stormwater infiltration and detention systems. These huge subway tanks  have an important function: they regulate its water flow to  treatment plants.

Storm traps store the first rainwater, which is the most contaminated as it carries pollutants accumulated from roadways. Thus, the tanks prevent the treatment plants from exceeding their maximum flow and having to discharge the excess, untreated, into the receiving watercourses.

“The idea is that before reaching the tanks, the water passes through a series of filters to retain solid contaminants such as plastic bottles among other objects,” said Neil Docherty, Sarens Key Account Manager.

“Once in the tanks, the water is gradually conveyed to the purification stations, avoiding not only contamination of the rivers, but also preventing possible flooding and environmental damage. This is why this project is also an important milestone for Sarens in its commitment to sustainability.”

The works were carried out by a team specially selected by Sarens for the occasion, with an LTM 1070 crane and one operator. Since the system had significant new features that necessitated its installation whenever there were groundwater problems, the contractor wanted to rely on Sarens’ expertise to perform the task as efficiently as possible. 

“On this occasion, despite being a novel system, our team did not experience any operational setbacks. In fact, beyond that, we highlight the speed with which our team unloaded and placed the material, something that was of great relief to the community by not having to worry about the possible flooding that could be caused by the next storm,” Docherty said.

Sarens has extensive experience in the Canadian construction industry as well as other similar complex projects. 

The company was recently able to work on the renovation of Union Station, where its engineering team worked on the lifting and subsequent installation of several iron girders, weighing about 9.4 tons, for the flying garden that connects the station’s north and south towers.

In addition, other projects, such as the refurbishment of the Lafarge cement factory in Bath,  Ontario, have contributed to increasing annual cement production and boosted the country’s construction sector, attesting to Sarens’ expertise within the industry.