Volvo equips compact wheel loaders with high-speed driveline

Volvo CE has added a new high-speed driveline option for its L45H and L50H compact wheel loaders, which allows the machines to reach speeds of up to 50 km per hour.

The high-speed driveline option more than doubles the original top speeds of 20 km per hour. This allows the machines to travel more quickly between jobsites and can also reduce cycle times.

“These compact wheel loaders are often used in applications that require travel between jobsites, where the standard-speed transmission may be time consuming and the alternative of transporting them by truck can be expensive,” said John Comrie, product manager for wheel loaders at Volvo CE. “The higher travel speed is not only efficient; it also improves productivity in applications like load and carry and clearing snow.” 

Drive mode selector

THE L45H and L50H compact wheel loaders are now capable of operating in three driveline speeds: the standard 20 km per hour, an option of 30 km per hour or the top-speed option of 50 km per hour. This allows customers to choose a maximum speed that best suits their needs and applications.

To dial into the correct transmission setting there is a drive mode selector. The operator is also able to adjust driveline behaviour based on attachment and application. The operator has a choice of five modes: work, transport, comfort and two types of eco modes. 

Regardless of the application — material handling with forks, truck loading, road sweeping or general load and carry tasks — there is a work mode suited to the activity, boosting productivity and operation while reducing costs.

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In addition, a tractive power selector provides operators with a choice of five settings to suit ground conditions. This means less wheel spin and reduced tire wear and fuel consumption. 

An optional electronic speed limiter for attachments such as sweepers and snow blowers controls maximum speed without losing tractive force.