Our Top 5 equipment introductions of 2023

DEvelon's Concept X-2 dozer - one of our top 5 equipment introductions

These new products from equipment manufacturers garnered the most interest from our online readers

For 2023, ConExpo became a clear newsmaker of the year for readers of Equipment Journal. 

The products debuted at the trade show, held in Las Vegas every three years, generated the stories behind the majority of our most-read articles.

Here are the Top 5 most-read equipment stories from equipmentjournal.com throughout 2023:

#5 Develon’s Concept-X2

Develon introduced Concept-X2 to the construction world — the latest version of its automated construction platform.

The first version of Concept-X was unveiled in 2019 as the world’s first automated construction solution. At the company’s proving grounds in Korea, Develon showed how Concept X could complete everyday jobsite tasks using autonomous construction equipment.

At ConExpo, Develon showcased how Concept-X2 technology applies to the entire construction site operation process, ranging from surveying to the operations of construction equipment such as excavators and wheel loaders.

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#4 JCB’s hydrogen combustion engine

JCB showcased its hydrogen combustion technology at ConExpo 2023 as part of the International Fluid Power Exposition (IFPE).

For the first time in North America, the company introduced its 4-cylinder, 4.4-litre hydrogen combustion engine, its zero-carbon emissions solution for construction and agricultural equipment. 

JCB Chairman Lord Bamford is leading the project to develop JCB’s hydrogen technology. 

JCB’s hydrogen combustion engine can be used in existing diesel machines with minimal modification, other than the diesel fuel tank being replaced by a hydrogen fuel tank.

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#3 Hitachi’s -7 wheel loaders

The introduction of two new -7 wheel loaders from Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas generated significant interest from our readership. 

Making their debut at ConExpo, the 3.5 cubic-yard Hitachi ZW180-7 and ZW180PL-7 wheel loaders feature a 14,905 kg operating weight. The ZW180-7 offers either standard or high-lift front arms that excel in most bucket applications.

Both loaders are powered by a 173 hp Cummins engine.

The ZW180PL-7 offers a parallel link arm configuration. It is ideal for use in fork and tool carrier applications by keeping attachments parallel with the ground as the loader arms move up or down. 

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#2 John Deere excavators

In February 2022, John Deere announced it had acquired full ownership of three Deere-Hitachi joint venture factories. As well, the announcement officially ended the joint venture manufacturing and marketing agreements between the two companies. 

At ConExpo, Deere introduced its first three future generation excavators, which include the 145 P-Tier, 360 P-Tier and the 210 P-Tier. 

To create the new excavator foundation from the ground up, Deere built the machines in collaboration with its customers, who returned to assist with validating machine performance. 

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#1 Cat’s C13D engine

Our most read story of the year is Caterpillar’s introduction of the C13D engine. 

The new platform can replace three existing engines in Cat’s portfolio. The C13D supplies comparable power and torque available from Cat’s current 13, 15 and single-turbo 18-litre engine platforms. 

The new engine platform offers up to a 20 per cent increase in power and up to 25 per cent more low-speed torque over the previous generation of Cat engines in its power class. 

As well, engineers designed the Cat C13D engine with 45 per cent less leak joints to improve reliability and maintenance. As well, service intervals are extended up to 1,000 hours. Depending on the application, the C13D also consumes between five and 25 per cent less fuel. 

The C13D is also the first engine from Caterpillar that was designed and tested in a virtual environment. 

Cat unveiled the new engine at Allegiant Stadium, home to the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders, during ConExpo.

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