National Cranes’ NBT60XL combines ‘strong and long’


Manitowoc’s new National Crane NBT60XL is promising to deliver “strong and long” like never before. 

The new NBT60XL features the largest capacity and reach combination produced for the 60 ton class — both for boom trucks and truck cranes. 

While the NBT60XL is influenced by the NBT60L, it brings several other enhancements to set new standards for the boom truck sector. 

“The NBT60XL is set to take on all competitors in the 60-ton market,” said Bob Ritter, product manager of boom trucks at Manitowoc. “Whether it be a boom truck or truck crane, this machine features the best combination of boom length and load chart capacity with a sturdy operator’s feel and plenty of comfortable manoeuvrability to get to and from any jobsite. Additionally, its commercial truck carrier adds a level of comfort, customization and travel speed not yet available to the truck crane market.”

The NBT60XL is not only a counterweight upgrade to the NBT60L. To achieve its capacity and reach, the crane can be fitted to several standard truck options expanding layout configuration options for customers. 

Adding to the crane’s versatility, the NBT60XL features a hydraulically removable counterweight configurable from zero to 7,257 kg, allowing it to tackle much heavier picks. 

When equipped with the National Truck Crane (NTC) package, the NBT60XL will feature additional jobsite setup flexibility with four outrigger positions, optional two-camera system for increased jobsite visibility and a fully-integrated wireless wind speed indicator.

“In order to get even more capacity and maintain overall agility, these truck-crane-style counterweights offer many combinations allowing operators to take what is needed for the job and still meet any roading regulations,” Ritter added.

The NBT60XL offers a 146-metre, five-section, full-power boom based on the NBT60L. This gives the crane ample reach, yet it also remains roadable, with the overall vehicle length coming in under 13.7 metres. 

When equipped with the optional 11 metre offset-able lattice jib, the reach of the crane can be increased to a 59.7-metre maximum. When equipped with the optional two-piece 8-metre to 13.7-metre telescopic jib, a platform height of 62 metres is easily achievable.

The NBT60XL comes standard with a host of operator-centric features, such as the deluxe tilting cab with heated seat, as well as a Bluetooth radio and speakers. 

Additional features on the NBT60XL include electric over hydraulic controls with a function to adjust the speed, an easy-to-use colour graphic display and real-time diagnostics for simplified troubleshooting without the need for a laptop.