Cummins to invest more than $1 billion into manufacturing

Cummins file photo
Cummins file photo

Cummins is planning to invest more than $1 billion across its engine manufacturing network in Indiana, North Carolina and New York.

The investment will be used to upgrade the three facilities to support engine platforms that will run on low carbon fuels, including natural gas, diesel and eventually hydrogen.

“The historic investments included in those pieces of legislation played a key role in our decision to manufacture products here in the U.S., creating more clean-tech jobs and positively impacting our communities,” said Jennifer Rumsey, Cummins President and CEO.

“The electrolyzer production in Minnesota and investment in our Indiana, North Carolina and New York facilities are reflective of our dual path approach of advancing both engine-based and zero-emission solutions – an approach that is best for all of our stakeholders and our impact on the planet.”

Cummins electrolyzers

The announcement coincided with a visit from United States President Joe Biden to Cummins’ Fridley, Minnesota facility on April 3.

At the Fridley facility, Accelera by Cummins – Cummins’ zero-emission technology brand – will soon manufacture electrolyzers, which are a critical piece of the green hydrogen economy. Hydrogen produced by electrolyzers can power hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and is used in industrial processes like steel production.

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Building electrolyzers in Fridley is helping to bring the supply chain for zero-emissions vehicles to the United States – particularly in heavy trucking industries – and will employ hundreds of workers.

Jamestown Engine Plant

The announcement includes Cummins’ plans to invest $452 million in its Jamestown Engine Plant to upgrade its 998,000 square-foot facility in western New York to produce the industry’s first fuel-agnostic internal combustion engine platform that leverages a range of lower carbon fuel types. The X15N is part of the new fuel-agnostic 15-liter engine platform produced at JEP.

Cummins customers are beginning to test the v first engines of the fuel agnostic platform, the X15N. Walmart will receive the first field test unit l in April to take part in the field test of this industry-first, 15-litre advanced engine platform running on renewable natural gas.

Cummins plans to publicly announce additional investments in Indiana and North Carolina at a later date.