Green Hybrid system boosts energy recovery for Sennebogen 855 E

hybrid sennebogen material handler

Sennebogen has introduced the new 855 E model with Green Hybrid technology to its line-up of material handlers, which completes the world’s largest product line of purpose-built material handlers.

The new machine features an operating weight of about 72.5 tons, reach packages from 18 to 21 metres, a 305 hp Cummins Tier 4 Final diesel engine as well as Sennebogen’s Green Hybrid technology.

The new 855 E is available with rubber tires or in crawler and stationary configurations. As well the machine can be equipped with a diesel or electric motor.

Enhanced by Sennebogen’s Green Hybrid system, the 855 E design is easily recognized by the large energy recovery cylinder mounted in between the boom’s two hoist cylinders. The hydraulics of this energy recovery cylinder effectively reduces the fuel demand for each lift cycle by as much as 30 per cent.

“The Green Hybrid system captures energy on every down stroke, and stores it in separate gas accumulators at the rear of the machine. It then releases this stored power on each lift to assist in raising the boom and its load,” said Sennebogen President Constantino Lannes. “The principle is similar to a spring being compressed and then releasing its energy by allowing it to expand. Furthermore, the system is a very simple design using a standard hydraulic cylinder that connect to the accumulators at the back of the unit.”

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The 855 E is also equipped with the new version of the Sennebogen Maxcab. The new Maxcab includes a wide range of ergonomic features, as well as large windows and joystick controls for travel, which provides an unobstructed view of the complete work zone from the operator’s seat.

A two-camera system is standard, delivering operators a clear view to the right side beyond the boom and to the rear of the machine. Bulletproof glass is also standard in the Maxcab, providing additional operator safety.

Additional features — like a permanent catwalk for safe and easy cab entry and exit, handrails on top of the upper carriage — are standard.