New dozers join John Deere’s P-Tier lineup

One of John Deere's dozers climbs an incline

As part of its performance tiering strategy, John Deere has introduced the 950 P-Tier and 1050 P-Tier dozers.

Replacing the 950K and 1050K, the dozers are the next generation of models to join the increasing lineup of John Deere P-Tier machines. 

The new 1050 P-Tier dozer boasts an increase in engine power and a redesigned hood and front-end design. In addition, both the 950 P-Tier and 1050 P-Tier offer enhanced visibility and improved safety features to boost productivity and protection on the jobsite.

“John Deere is dedicated to providing its customers with large dozer options that fit the needs of every job site, and the new P-Tier machines offer the durability and reliability our customers demand from machines of this size class”, said Matt Costello, Product Marketing Manager for John Deere Construction & Forestry. 

“The 950 P-Tier and 1050 P-Tier dozer models were updated with the customer in mind, helping them increase efficiency, visibility and gradeability in even the most demanding conditions.”

Now equipped with standard LEDs, operator efficiency is improved during night-time or low-light operations. Also helping to improve uptime, the cold weather hydraulic lines are specially tailored for cold climate operations. These hoses, which replace the standard option, are rated for lower temperatures, ensuring smooth hydraulic function in harsh winters and weather conditions. The cab of the 950 P-Tier and 1050 P-Tier can be tilted for easy serviceability access under the cab.

Operator Presence System

To improve safety, the Operator Presence System ensures the operator is present in the seat of the cab, with the seat belt fastened, before the parking break can be released. This ensures a critical layer of safety, preventing accidental movement or operation before the operator is buckled in. 

The P-Tier system also integrates the parking brake switch into the system status monitor, eliminating the need for traditional park lock levers. This integration not only streamlines the operation process but also enhances the overall safety mechanism of the machine. 

To enhance comfort and functionality, both dozers now feature a premium heated and ventilated seat option, which is air-suspended with adjustment controls for optimal ergonomics. The seat design remains at a 15-degree angle to provide optimal comfort when operating the rear ripper. 

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As well, the updated cab for the dozers features new ergonomic controls, neutral counter rotate and an integrated forward neutral reverse switch. This ergonomic focus ensures operators can work for extended periods with reduced physical strain, helping to enhance productivity on the jobsite.

Remaining the largest Power-Angle-Tilt (PAT) dozer in the market, the 950 P-Tier dozer features SmartGrade, John Deere’s factory integrated mastless 3D grade control. 

Tag link

Receiving an increase in operational advantages upon its entry to the P-Tier portfolio, the newly upgraded 1050 P-Tier dozer boasts a range of features and enhancements that improve upon overall functionality and efficiency. One notable upgrade is the tag link and blade design that brings the blade 25 cm closer to the frame. 

Along with the tag link, inverted tilt and pitch cylinders were added. The inverted tilt and pitch cylinders, lowered hood and larger front window help improve operator visibility to the blade.

The repositioning of the 4.3 metre blade, due to the updated tag link design, paired with double-bogie undercarriage provides operators with a more balanced machine and a clearer view of the blade corners, which is a critical factor for precision work.

JD14 engine

In terms of power, the 1050 P-Tier dozer features a revamped JD14 13.6 litre engine that replaces the 13.5 litre engine in the 1050K. The JD14 enhances durability, reduces fuel consumption and uses a single canister in the aftertreatment system to meet emission regulations without the need for a diesel particulate filter. 

Lastly, on the 1050 P-Tier, the new cooling system has been redesigned with a single plane layout, positioning coolers side-by-side instead of stacked. 

This new design not only improves cooling efficiency, but also simplifies access for cleaning.