Michelin introduces airless tires for skid steers

Michelin offered a sneak peek of its new airless tires for skids steers at Ag in Motion in Saskatchewan. 

The new Michelin X Tweel SSL 2 airless tires will be available in both an all-terrain (AT) and a hard-surface version (HST).

Available Aug. 1 in Canada and the United States, this is Michelin’s first embedded 8-bolt hub that is interlocked mechanically to increase durability.

“The new Tweel SSL 2 maintains all of the key benefits of the first generation version.  In addition, it is designed to improve robustness, meet the vigorous demands placed on skid steer tires in a variety of applications,” said Justin L. Brock, Michelin marketing manager for construction and Tweel segment for North America. 

“The new features include a mechanical hub connection versus the chemical adhesion used in the first generation.”

The Michelin Tweel SSL 2 airless tire is designed with:

  • Improved shear beam construction that maximizes core life.
  • New spoke formulation provides up to 10 times greater spoke life.
  • Maximum load of 1,995 kg.

“The SSL 2 AT is designed for use in off-road applications, where the machine is used 80 per cent of the time off-road. The HST is built for work done on hard surfaces such as asphalt and pavement,” Brock said.

The airless tires offer the advantages of zero maintenance or downtime. The X Tweel SSL does not require air, thereby eliminating the risk of a flat tire, allowing users to stay in operation with limited downtime to maximize profitability. 

The X Tweel SSL also delivers the advantages of easy mounting, damage resistance, operator comfort and longer wear life than standard pneumatic tires.

The Michelin 12N16.5 X Tweel SSL 2 HST is constructed with a 48/32-inch tread depth with 8/32-inch of undertread. The Michelin 12N16.5 X Tweel SSL 2 AT is constructed with a 31/32-inch tread depth with 12/32-inch of undertread.