McCloskey Environmental makes trade show debut, unveils new shredder

McCloskey Environmental ESS-300 shredder.

McCloskey Environmental has unveiled its new ESS-300 single shaft shredder as the latest entry into its product line at environmental technologies trade show, IFAT 2022.

Building on the design of the ES-250, this single shaft primary shredder boasts a lineup of features that are aimed at boosting productivity.

The ESS-300 features a 33-knife rotor with replaceable cutting tips on the hydraulically driven single shaft, which McCloskey claims will increase the machine’s longevity and reduce down time.

Additionally, exchangeable mesh, accessible from the side opening of the chamber, allows the machine to efficiently process and size a wide variety of materials.

The ESS-300 is currently on display at IFAT 2022, where the McCloskey Environmental brand is making its global debut as an exhibitor.

“McCloskey has assisted in diverting millions of tonnes of waste from landfill with its 35+ years of designing and manufacturing industry leading equipment working in a variety of applications. Sustainability is at the core of our products, and those produced by McCloskey Environmental will deliver significant tangible advantages to customers, including innovative thinking, lower cost of production, and ease of operation and maintenance, with the key focus being waste to energy.” said Fergal Mallon, product line manager, McCloskey Environmental. “Looking ahead, we are very optimistic about the strong position we are in through 2022-2023. We have an exciting list of products introductions and strong partnership announcements in the coming months.”