Eterra PDX-750: Post pounding power

eterra post driver

The new Eterra PDX-750 takes advantage of tried-and-true concrete breaking technology in order to exert maximum force when driving posts.

The PDX-750 breaker style post driver builds upon industry-leading features of previous models, resulting in a fully-loaded post driving attachment for skid steers, compact track loaders and excavator post drivers. 

The driver includes a nitrogen-charged power cell, contained by Eterra’s heavy duty housing. The housing strength ensures maximum protection and durability. This allows the PDX-750 to pound post after post without losing any driving power or shaking loose and falling apart from the constant vibration, the company claims.

To increase versatility and provide a variety of post driving options, the PDX-750 is available with an open-style, coned driver head that can accommodate up to an 8 in. post. As well, the driver is available with a flat-cup driver head that includes an enclosed post guide and multiple eyelets. The flat-cut driver includes four eyelet options for a wide range of post sizes. As well, an additional housing/guide that can handle odd or non-traditional post shapes.

The design of the PDX-750 allows for easy transition from either driver head options. The driver heads are made with 4140 treated, American-made steel.

Quick swap attachments

The ability to quickly swap out the attachment’s driver head for a 5-ft. concrete breaker allows the PDX-750 to boast additional functionality and time-saving efficiency. The breaker tool helps drive through excess concrete or rocky and dense soil that requires pre-driving.

As well, optional integrated tilt functionality is available with the Eterra PDX-750, which provides up to 15 degrees of angle for operators working in uneven conditions. The tilt mechanism is compact, keeping the post driver close to the machine. This utilizes full weight of the machine when exerting downforce.

Innovative electrical control options ensure that skid steer and compact track loader users will be able to operate the PDX-750’s tilt function on any machine. Furthermore, Eterra’s mounting system allows for simple and easy bolt-on of excavator and backhoe couplers.