Eco Log introduces new harvester cab

eco log 590g harvester

Eco Log is introducing a new harvester cab alongside its new G-Series harvesters. 

The new cab is designed with a full focus on the operator, with every part carefully selected to create the best conditions possible for an efficient, productive and comfortable working day.

“Here at Eco Log, we are in constant dialogue with our customers and we try to listen to them and learn more about their requests and what they need to make their operations work as optimal as possible,” said Emil Forsblom, Head of Product Development at Eco Log.

“The development work is really a team-effort and the result of this is a spacious harvester cabin with good ergonomics, effective sound insulation, great visibility and a whole new system for cab climate and a well-planned work lightning.”

The G-series pendulum arm harvesters includes the models 550, 560, 580 and 590. The new Eco Log 580G now shares the same platform as the 590, which means it is a stronger machine than before.

“I really want to highlight our new 580G. It excels through versatility and strength, and I am sure that anyone who tries it will agree,” Forsblom said.

Eco Log pendulum harvester updates

Last fall, Eco Log introduced several, large updates on the pendulum harvesters – from a new control system, new rear wheel transmission, anti-spin system and a  simplified hydraulic system as well as several improvements regarding serviceability and safety through improved access. All updates are now implemented on the new G-series.

“A lot has happened with our harvesters in the 500-series. We already know that they excel in several areas such as high productivity, reliability and serviceability,” Forsblom said.

“This, in combination with the latest updates and now, our new harvester cabin, allows us to offer our customers modern, future-proved machines that are something quite extra.”

Improved HVAC

The new cab is manufactured with windows made of thick safety glass and secure access routes via a new platform that allows the operator to safely enter and exit via the side-mounted door.

As well, the cab uses a brand-new approach for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The system has automatic temperature regulation and has been thoroughly tested in both hot and cold climates.

The interior includes ample space, several smart storage possibilities and broad charging options with multiple connections. The swivel seat enables the operator to easily access and use the rear cab section.

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All G series harvesters are equipped with the Eco Log NexSci control system, user-friendly keypads, an eleven-button joystick and a new sound system with integrated subwoofer that is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The interior of the cabin also has effective sound insulation and comfortable integrated LED lighting. Several options for work lightning at the front as well as rear side of the cab.

“We have put a lot of effort into the cabins interior, in everything from smart storage and broad charging options to modern palettes and a great sound system. We simply offer a really great cabin,” Forsblom said