Cat debuts new 450 kW ultra-low NOx genset

Caterpillar has developed the new DG450 Compact natural gas genset, a new 450 kW ultra-low NOx power solution specifically configured for non-emergency applications in non-attainment areas designated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Now available throughout North America, the Cat DG450 Compact generator set uses up to 60 per cent less space when compared with traditional multi-unit genset specifications. This reduces site preparation costs and offers budget-conscious power system redundancy. 

The new gas generator set is compatible with the Cat Active Management Platform (AMP), a proven distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) solution that helps customers monitor, manage and monetize natural gas generator sets and other Cat power solutions.

It can be applied with other distributed energy resource (DER) system components, such as Cat Energy Storage Solutions, while also managing customer load reductions. 

The platform monitors patterns from the grid and client facilities, analyzes opportunities in the energy industry, and then dispatches DERs to maximize return and monetize results without disrupting normal business operations.

The Cat DG450 Compact generator set offers superior performance across a wide range of pipeline natural-gas fuel pressures. 

It is suitable for prime power, peak shaving and demand response applications, making it the versatile choice for small- and medium-sized industrial and manufacturing applications, agriculture facilities, municipal infrastructure, commercial enterprises and office buildings.

“As demand response programs become more prevalent as a means for rapidly expanding power capacity in non-attainment areas, the Cat DG450 Compact generator set is positioned to offer customers reliable solutions that can be readily monetized at times of high energy demand,” said Jaime Mineart, Senior Vice President of Caterpillar Electric Power Division.

The Cat DG450 Compact generator set is available with optional, factory-installed switchgear in an easy-to-use single- or multi-mains control module with automatic transfer switch capabilities. Its grid communication hardware enables the monitoring and control of multiple assets to facilitate DERs monetization, while pre-cut cable kit connection options simplify the installation of up to four units.

Hardware is pre-installed on each generator set to enable access to Cat Connect Remote Asset Monitoring, which provides data visualization, reporting and alerts through an easy-to-use web interface or mobile app.