engcon manufactures and sells its tiltrotators, quick couplers, control systems and tools for excavators throughout North America, Europe and Australia. The company is the world leader in tiltrotators and their attachments for excavators in the 1.5 – 33 metric ton range. We are a privately-owned Group with its parent company, engcon Holding AB, based in Strömsund, Sweden. In 2018, the engcon Group achieved $130 million in sales with 280 employees. The company was founded in 1990 and has been active in the North American excavator market through the dealer channel since 2010. Our focus on Canada has begun in 2021 with new employees and soon facilities.

“Change the world of digging”
engcon has been working with its motto “Change the world of digging” for a long time and decided in 2021 to also use it as its vision.

Owning an engcon product means you will enjoy support before, during and after your purchase. Being a total partner who supports its customers’ profitability and safety all the way comes naturally to us.

engcon stands for innovation and safety. Our products are developed through unique ideas based on experience and know how. Our Non Accident Generation safety label shows we’ve provided you with an entirely new safety standard where the human factor has been designed out. It means you’re always confidently safe with engcon.

Market-leader engcon provides the latest in the field of tiltrotators, tools and accessories for your excavator.