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ALLU TS: bark meets bite

ALLU TS:  bark meets bite

By repositioning standard screening blades, the new TS drum assembly, by ALLU, allows customers to achieve flexibility in performing multiple jobs with one unit.

The patented drum assembly is manufactured for existing ALLU D-Series material processor bucket frames. 

The TS drum assembly wasn’t designed specifically for mulching bark.  The versatile tool allows its user to screen, crush, shred and mix materials.  However, during testing at ALLU's office in Finland, the drum assembly proved effective in screening field bark.

Compared to a mobile crushing plant, the TS generated higher quality material without including additional debris.  

The TS blades have also been used to create compost from leaves and branches, screen topsoil, as well as crush green waste, gypsum and demolition waste – just by changing out the blades and repositioning the screening combs.

The core of the ALLU TS technology is the configuration of the screening blades that spin between the screening combs. The end product size is defined by the space between the combs. As well, different fragment sizes can be achieved simply by repositioning the combs. 

As the screening combs carry most of the material weight, the drums and bearings experience less impact and load. The design of the assembly ensures the machine works well in wet and dry materials without clogging.

The TS drums are available with two different blade types: standard blades for screening applications and axe blades when a crushing or shredding effect is required. 

Available blade sizes include 16/32 mm, 25/50 mm and 35 mm. 

The TS assembly is available in seven different models for 16- to 45-metric ton excavators and 7- to 30-metric ton wheel loaders.



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