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RCT Expands into North America

RCT Expands into North America

RCT’s expansion into the USA is proving to be a successful venture for the company and the community in which it’s based.

The Salt Lake City branch in Utah opened its doors late last year to support existing and future clients and partners in the North American region.

For 45 years, RCT has supplied mining solutions to the industry around the world and as miners look to innovate the surface and underground mining processes; the interest in our suite of solutions is continually growing. 

“The demand overseas, especially in North America is significant and establishing a base there to support our customers on a local level was of the utmost importance to us,” said RCT’s Executive Director and CEO Brett White.

“The last several months have been exciting for RCT and the staff based at the branch,” he said.

The opening of this branch has provided RCT with the opportunity to employ experienced professionals from the Utah area.

“We are proud to be able to create local job opportunities for the Salt Lake City community,” he said. 

While RCT is well-known for its automation and remote control solutions, it’s a powerhouse of solutions with five sub-brands catering to machine protection and health, fleet management, machine data collection and reporting in addition to a large range of specialised parts and accessories to help increase productivity, profitability and safety.

RCT’s solutions are unique, as they can be installed on any mobile machine; regardless of make, model or brand.

“It’s our universal capability and aftercare support that sets us apart from the competition,” added Mr White.

“In addition to this, if we don’t have an off-the-shelf solution that caters to the client’s needs, we have a designated Custom department that can design and build a bespoke solution.”

The branch is conveniently located in Midvale, Utah - just 20 minutes from Salt Lake City airport.



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