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Equipment Journal on iPad

Advertise In The Equipment Journal Tablet App

Equipment Journal has launched its heavy equipment newspaper into the digital age with an advanced tablet application available for Apple iOS and Google Android tablet devices.

With this free tablet app, you will find all our latest issues, including in-depth coverage and exclusive digital content you won't see in our paper.

Experience heavy equipment news the way it was meant to be. With a modern look and feel, colourful photography, article interactivity and the ability for advertisers to connect immediately to our audience with interactive ads and one-tap communication.

It's Canada's Heavy Equipment News… On The Go!

Advertiser Benefits

URLs and emails are live to offer readers instant communication to equipment dealers and service providers. The Equipment Journal app offers unique advertising opportunities such as social media sharing and detailed data tracking.

Features specific for advertising include:

Comprehensive Data Tracking

Know exactly which ads your readers view, which links they click, and which pages hold their interest.

Ad Index And Tabs

Direct readers to your ads by providing a linked list of advertisers and colorful tabs taking readers to the ad.

Push to Landing Pages

Direct readers to sponsors’ landing pages through hotlinks, and buttons in sponsorship locations.

Rich Media

Capture readers' attention with a jolt of animation, a commercial video, complementary audio or other rich media options.

Live Links

We remove all barriers between readers and your website with live URLs and direct email.

Multiple Advertising Options

Get your ads in front of readers. Direct readers to your digital ad within Equipment Journal's newspaper.

Reader Benefits

The Equipment Journal Tablet app allows for reader benefits that would be impossible to produce in print. In this digital age, readers expect certain features in a publication, and we are here to deliver:

Social Media

Share Equipment Journal articles to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, blogs and more.

Rich Media

Engaging features such as HD video, audio, slideshows and animation drive reader interest to put you at the job site.

Equipment Search

We know the heart of your business is Heavy Equipment. The Equipment Journal app enables readers to search for heavy equipment anytime they need it.

Offline Availability

Enjoy Equipment Journal anytime! Readers can read our digital edition at their leisure by downloading the edition to their device.

Live Links

URLs and emails are live to offer readers instant communication to equipment dealers and service providers.

Advertising Contacts

How Can We Help You?

Looking for more information about advertising in Canada's number one Heavy Equipment Newspaper. Look no further... We're here to answer your questions.

Sales Manager
Tara Rosen
Cell: (416) 399-0614
e-mail: tara@equipmentjournal.com

National Accounts Manager
Mona Fahmi
Cell: (416) 435-0510
e-mail: mona@equipmentjournal.com

General Manager
Mark Baker
Cell: (905) 483-3049
e-mail: mark@equipmentjournal.com

Design & Production Contacts

Want your Ad to capture attention?
We can help with that!

General Manager
Mark Baker
Cell: (905) 483-3049
e-mail: mark@equipmentjournal.com

Creative Director & Production
Ryan Chuhaniuk
Cell: (905) 719-5444
e-mail: ryan@equipmentjournal.com