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Canada's National Heavy Equipment Newspaper. Since 1966

Equipment Journal is the flagship publication of Pace Publishing, a Toronto-based, media company since 1966; it serves the heavy equipment industry across Canada by connecting them to all that’s new in availability and innovation in the heavy equipment market.

Equipment Journal is published 17 times each year, which has been a popular feature with many advertisers. Some of whom have advertised with us for decades, which is a testament to Equipment Journal’s ability to generate outstanding sales leads for our advertisers.

We continue to set industry standards in distribution improvements. Our audited circulation is updated every business day ensuring your message reaches the people who make the decisions. Plus, Pace Publishing also publishes through several other mediums, including via the Equipment Journal app, available for iOS and Android tablet devices, and through Twitter and YouTube under the name EQJnews.

Content that drives action

Equipment Journal publishes stories, articles, and features that are the most pertinent to professionals in the heavy equipment industry. We profile heavy equipment and their users across Canada.

Equipment Journal publishes:

  • new product announcements
  • jobstories
  • industry events
  • industry trends
  • employment announcements
  • tips
  • government news

Tips for submitting press releases:

  • Make sure the subject is clearly indicated and is relevant to a heavy equipment newspaper.
  • Submissions should be received 30 days prior to the publication date. Check the publication schedule.
  • Submissions should be 300-1200 words.
  • Electronic submissions are preferred to mailed submissions.
  • We do not publish testimonials or advertorials

   Submit your press release here.

Equipment Journal accepts submissions from freelancers. Ask about guidelines and rates.

We also publish through several other mediums, including via the Equipment Journal app, available for iOS and Sony tablet devices, and through Twitter and YouTube under the name EQJnews.

Stay up to date with Equipment Journal!

Our History

Ernie Abel
Equipment Journal - 1966 Logo

The year was 1966...

Reflecting a nation on the verge of developing as never before, the Canadian construction equipment industry was facing unprecedented growth opportunities. E.E. (Ernie) Abel could see this, and what you read today is proof of his vision.

Ernie Abel founded Equipment Journal in 1966 and, four decades later, his idea continues to provide Canada's sellers, buyers, users and makers of equipment with the advertising and news they require to prosper in today's business world.

Be it in print, or on-line, Equipment Journal remains steadfastly where it has always been. Walk into the office of a contractor or a dealer, and where is Equipment Journal? It's on the buyer's desk, or on his computer screen, not just sitting idly in the company's lobby. The consistency and dedication of the late Ernie Abel, who continued to set the path for his company well into his 80s, is true legacy.

Equipment Journal...Your Partner Yesterday, Today and Forever.

Industries We Cover

Commercial Industrial
Institutional Residential
Earthmoving Foundations
Heavy Construction Bridges & Tunnels
Drainage Irrigation
Pipelines Sewer & Watermain
Federal Provincial
Cable/Telephone Electric
Gas Water
Asphalt Concrete
Demolition Electrical
Landscaping Masonry
Recycling Roofing
Scrap Handling Sandblasting
Steel Erection Steel Fabrication
Finance Manufacturing
Rental Services Repair Services
Airports Harbours
Trucking Ports
Aggregate Brick
Cement Forestry
Mines Oil & Gas
Pulp & Paper Ready-Mix Concrete